“Back” by Norah McClintock

Back by Norah Mcclintock

Back by Norah Mcclintock

“Back” by Norah Mcclintockt  I like this book because is about this guy that is in jail but he gets out of jail and now he is back to the neighborhood and everybody is scare of him his name is Jojo but he got in jail because he put in coma a guy because this guy was trying to help a girl who Jojo and his gang were betting her up she was Jojo’s girlfriend her name is Shana she was pregnant and Jojo wanted Shana to get rid of the baby  but this guy name Eden  helped her so Jojo  started hitting Eden so now Eden is in a coma and Jojo just got out of jail and everybody thinks that his going to get back with the gang. Jojo had change his not the same guy but everybody thinks he can’t change so Eden’s brother Ardell is trying to get revenge from Jojo for putting his brother in a coma. — Yasmin Tapia


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