Agnes Zapata’s Favorite Book

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Agnes Zapata

Photo By: Michelle Dominguez

Agnes Zapata is an English teacher at Fremont High School in  Oakland, California. She been teaching at Fremont High School for one  year.  Zapata read a book to her class named “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley.

“It took me about one week to read this book by myself  like about one week, so  I readthis book to my class and it took us to read for five week in class”, said Zapata . Zapata favorite book is “The Lord Of  The Ring” By J.R.R. Tolkien. Zapata  read this book in High School and she  will hid her  book under a math textbook.  Zapata   will make her friend to go to McDonald’s  to buy her a happy meal for she can get the  toys of the lordof the ring. “Yes I did watch the movie all of them and I watch them twice because I ones went to watch the movie with my friend and then with my family”, said Zapata. “I guess that I like to read is because of my mom  she will read me when I was little and she will sometimes  make me read at home”, said Zapata.  Zapata likes to read her books at the beach because its relaxing for her.  — Michelle Dominguez


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